Subamplify Sessions Ep.1: Accelerate

Adding Ecommerce tools to your existing website

At Subamplify we understand that not every online ecommerce store is looking to start fresh. Some have tailored an SEO rank over many years but feel their current platform does not offer key features they need to help them grow. Enter Accelerate.

Accelerate enables vendors who have an existing website extend its functionality to include all the bells and whistles from Subamplify. From product management, discounts, and reporting, we can provide all of these and more with a simple and clean integration.

As part of our new tutorial series, Subamplify Sessions, our first episode will be guiding you through setting up a Subamplify online store and integrating it into your existing website. We will be covering topics such as creating your first product, verifying domain ownership and finally adding an interactive “Add to Cart” button to your website. Let’s go!

1. Sign up for Subamplify Accelerate

First of all you’ll need to create a Subamplify account, head over to to get started. Every new account includes a 14 day trial which allows vendors to try all our amazing features in the Subamplify platform free of charge.

Currently Subamplify offers two plans: Standard and Pro. In this tutorial we will be covering the Standard plan which includes the Accelerate features. The Standard plan enables vendors to utilize all the features inside the Subamplify dashboard while keeping their existing website.

Sign up for Subamplify Accelerate account

2. Connect your Stripe account

Next step will be to connect your Stripe account to the newly created Subamplify store. Once linked, all payments submitted through the online store will be directed to your Stripe account. Simply click the green alert at the top of your dashboard, or navigate to the Integration Settings to begin the process.

You will need to ensure Stripe has received all the required information about yourself and your business before they can process payments and payouts. Check their documentation for further information.

Connect your stripe account
Click link in green alert to connect your stripe account
Connect your stripe account
Navigate to the Integration settings to connect your Stripe Account

3. Setup Accelerate external domain

Now that your store can process payments, we need to verify the external domain you would like to use. Protecting your data is a priority for us at Subamplify, so we require every vendor to validate ownership of their domain before allowing access to our API.

First off you will need to add the website URL of where you would like to use the Subamplify ecommerce tools. For example, my website is located at, therefore I would need to add “” to the Verified External Domain section.

Set a verified domain for Accelerate
Add your domain to the Product Embed settings

Once saved, you will be prompted to add a custom TXT Record to your Domain registrar DNS. These records can take a few minutes to a few hours to update so be sure to check back and click Verify Domain.

If you would like information on how to create TXT records, feel free to contact [email protected] or contact your domain registrar provider for support.

Verify your Accelerate domain
Click “Verify Domain” to confirm your new TXT record

4. Add JS and CSS files to your website

Now that we’ve successfully set up your Subamplify store and verified your domain, we can begin integrating Accelerate into your website. In this example we will be using the WordPress platform, each website has a different implementation so if you’re unsure how to proceed feel free to contact [email protected] or your hosting provider.

First of all we need to edit your website header and footer to include asset files required to power the Accelerate features. Navigate back to the Product Embed Settings of your store to view the code required for the integration.

Copy CSS and JS from Accelerate Product embed settings
Navigate to Product Embed settings

Next in our WordPress platform we will need to install the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Once installed, we can add the code from our Product Embed Settings to the WordPress header and footer.

Add JS and CSS to WordPress header and footer
Update WordPress header and footer

5. Create your first Subamplify Product

Before we can add our first “Add to Cart” button to our website, we need to create a product. Head over the Products section in your vendor dashboard to get started creating your first store product.

Create your first Subamplify product

6. Create an Embedding for your Subamplify Product

Once your product has been created, we can now create a customized “Add to Cart” button. Navigate to the Products section of your vendor dashboard and click the Create Embedding button. You can edit the following properties of the button:

  • Product (must be “Published”)
  • Sale option, can be either One-Time, Subscription or Gift
  • Plan, if a Subscription or Gift sale option is selected you can select which plan should be associated with this button
  • Variant, select either the master variant or a custom made one
  • Border decoration, can be set to either Sharp or Rounded
  • Background color, can select from a color picker or input a custom HEX code
  • Text color, can select from a color picker or input a custom HEX code
  • Text, can be anything you want but we advise to keep it clear and short

After you’re happy with your button, you can copy the predesigned HTML code on the right hand side of the popup for use in your website.

Create an Accelerate Embedding for your Subamplify Product

7. Start receiving orders on your website

Success! Now you can start receiving product orders on your website.

Start receiving Accelerate orders on your website

Interested in scaling up your online ecommerce store and generating recurring revenue? Sign up for our free 14 day trial:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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