Subamplify May 2022 Update

Dunning Payment Recovery, Free Trial Features, Product Reviews

As the Subamplify platform community grows so does the list of features it offers, every month I will be providing monthly updates on what amazing new tools are being added to help our vendors make a successful and scalable online ecommerce store. Let’s get stuck in!


Dunning: Payment recovery

At the core of the Subamplify platform is subscriptions, i.e. recurring revenue. We believe that a successful online ecommerce store can thrive if they sell both one time payment & subscription products. However when an online ecommerce store sells subscriptions, they also have to deal with the reality of Churn.

Churn means that a customer is leaving you.

And, in most cases, churn is bad news.

In order to counter this, Subamplify has introduced a customizable Dunning solution. Dunning is debt collection or demand of payment. It’s the process of asking customers to pay what they owe.

Now whenever a customer fails a payment for a subscription in your store, Subamplify automatically sends out a Dunning email. Vendors can customize these emails to suit their business. Furthermore, Subamplify automatically tracks recovered revenue from the Dunning solution and breaks it down by each email template.

Subamplify vendors can edit their Dunning email templates today by navigating to the Dunning Emails section under Reduce Churn.

Dunning email template dashboard

All features available during Free Trial

At Subamplify we feel that every vendor who tries our platform should be able to experience all our amazing tools. Now whenever you sign up for a plan, all features across all plans will be available for 14 days free of charge.

Interested in scaling up your ecommerce business, maximizing sales and improving customer retention? Get in touch today.

Sign up for Subamplify Dunning

Product Reviews

One of the ways an online ecommerce store can build trust between themselves and their customer is through the use of Product Reviews. If customers trust our vendors, they ‘re more likely to buy from them. 95% of customers say they are more likely to be loyal to a company they trust. By including product reviews on vendor product pages, shoppers don’t need to go elsewhere to get more information about your product or confirm it’s a good purchase.

Now Subamplify vendors can enable review functionality on each product. They can approve or reject reviews before they are visible on live product pages.

Moderate the product reviews

Only customers who purchase a product from a Subamplify store can review a product. Vendors can customize the email templates sent out to customers after a successful purchase. Furthermore, vendors can track the performance of each email template with conversion tracking.

Editing review email templates

Interested in scaling up your online ecommerce store and generating recurring revenue? sign up for our free 14 day trial:

Have any questions or queries? Feel free to contact me at [email protected]. You can find out more about our updates by checking last month’s post.

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