Subamplify March 2022 Update

Google Merchant, PDF Invoicing, Incentive Subscriptions

As the Subamplify platform community grows so does the list of features it offers, moving forward I will be providing monthly updates on what amazing new tools are being added to help our vendors make a successful and scalable online ecommerce store. Let’s get stuck in!


Incentive Subscriptions

Subamplify already provides a host of subscription options for our vendors to utitlise in their ecommerce store including gifts, monthly, annual and custom duration. These features enable our vendor stores to generate meaningful, recurring revenue and improve customer retention.

Now we’ve added a brand new Subscription type called Incentive, these Subscriptions enable a vendor to incentivize customers by offering their products at discounted rate if they subscribe.

Let me break it down for you, a vendor can set the value of the subscription every month to 50 USD, but they offer a discount code with a value of 75 USD per month which the customer receives automatically. The customer can use this discount code any time during the subscription to purchase items from the vendor’s ecommerce store. The vendor increases their customer retention and AOV, the customer gets the products at a reduced price.

It’s a win win.

Vendors can create Incentive Subscriptions by navigating to the new menu section under Products in their dashboard.

Additional fees on recurring Subscriptions

Last year we added the ability for vendors in Subamplify to create additional fees for their shop orders, this allows vendors to cover extra costs such as packaging when a customer makes a purchase. We’ve now taken the functionality one step further and added the ability to assign additional fees to subscriptions, these fees are applied every time the subscription has a rebill.

Vendors can enable this feature under the Rebilling section when managing Subscriptions in their dashboard:

Ecommerce Recurring Subscriptions

Create PDF Invoices for Subscription Orders

Invoicing is a big part of any online ecommerce store, especially when dealing with physical products which need to be delivered to customers. We’ve extended the original functionality of creating PDF invoices on Shop Orders to now include Subscription orders. This will help vendors at Subamplify scale their subscription business by reducing time packing and delivering each order.

Vendors can create single or multiple PDF invoices in the Subscription Order management area of their dashboard:

Ecommerce Subscription Orders

ShipStation and Quickmail automatic shipping status

At Subamplify we offer two great fulfillment service integrations straight out of the box: ShipStation and Quickmail. We’ve been working hard with both of these companies to provide a seamless experience for sending out vendor products for delivery. Now when an order has been marked as shipped in either Quickmail or ShipStation, it will be automatically updated in their dashboard. Furthermore, if the shipping includes Tracking Number, Shipping Carrier or Tracking URL, we will automatically update this information to help our vendors provide essential information for their customers.

Google Merchant feed integration

Gaining exposure on Google these days has become ever more challenging, at Subamplify we’ve made it easier for vendors to list their products with our new Google Merchant Feed integration. Simply enable the integration and a URL will be generated populating all the vendors published products, furthermore every time they add or remove a product the feed will be updated.

Vendors can access this integration by navigating to the Integration Settings and selecting the Paid Advertising section:

Ecommerce Google Merchant Integration

Building pages with Submaplify has never been easier with our awesome drag & drop page builder, but we recognised that even though page content will change the footer on a page rarely does. Now vendors can design their ecommerce store footer in a single location and apply it to all live pages without the need for copy & pasting.

Vendors can update their footer design by navigating to the Website Design management area of their dashboard:

Ecommerce page designer

Pausing Subscriptions

Customers cancel their subscriptions for a multitude of reasons, at Subamplify you can reduce the number of people cancelling their subscriptions by giving them the option of pausing their subscription for a set time period, instead of cancelling. If they want to restart their subscription earlier, customers can unpause their subscription.

Vendors can quickly enable and customise Pause Options by navigating to the dedicated menu under Reduce Churn:

Pausing Subscriptions

If you’re interested in scaling up your online ecommerce store and generate recurring revenue sign up for our free 14 day trial:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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