Subamplify April 2022 Update

NEW Accelerate plan, checkout free gifts, store sitemaps

As the Subamplify platform community grows so does the list of features it offers, every month I will be providing monthly updates on what amazing new tools are being added to help our vendors make a successful and scalable online ecommerce store. Let’s get stuck in!


NEW Accelerate plan

At Subamplify we understand that not every online ecommerce store is looking to start fresh. Some have tailored an SEO rank over many years but feel their current platform does not offer key features they need to help them grow.

Enter Accelerate Plan.

Accelerate enables vendors who have an existing website extend it’s functionality to include all the bells and whistles from Subamplify. From product management, discounts, and reporting, we can provide all of these and more with a simple and clean integration.

We will be releasing more information on this exciting new feature with the launch of our Subamplify Sessions video tutorials. You can check out our Facebook Community for updates.

If you would like more information on our Accelerate plan or looking to migrate, please feel free to get in contact: [email protected]

Improved Page Designer Versioning

One of the great features about Subamplify is our complete no-code solution to managing an ecommerce store. Vendors can log in and create beautiful looking pages with our custom Page Designer within minutes. We’ve now extended this feature to protect our vendors from losing content by verifying the version before saving to their store. Vendors will receive a prompt to refresh the page if page content is out of date.

Checkout Free Gifts

One of the many metrics which contribute to a successful ecommerce store is Average Order Value. Average order value is, quite simply, the average amount each customer spends when they make an order via your ecommerce store. If you can increase your average order value, your revenue growth should also grow accordingly.

In order to help our vendors improve their average order value we’ve introduced a new product feature called Free Gifts. Vendors can encourage customers visiting their ecommerce store to increase their cart’s value by incentivizing with a free gift. Currently we have 2 triggers when creating a free gift:

  • Free gifts can be added if a specific product is added. For example, Free Gift A will be automatically added to the cart if the customer adds Product B
  • Free gifts can be added if the cart total reaches a specific value. For example, Free Gift A will be added to the cart if the value exceeds $20

Vendors can set up their own free gifts right now by heading over the Free Gifts under the Products section in their dashboard.

Store Sitemaps

These days trying to gain an online presence for an ecommerce store in search engines such as Google and Bing can be hard. We aim to provide tools which help our vendors improve their SEO (search engine optimization) is a priority at Subamplify.

As a result last month we introduced Google Merchant Feed integration, this month we created automatic Sitemap generation for vendor stores. Now vendors can simply navigate to their Store Settings and enable this feature. Subamplify will create a customized Sitemap and upload it daily to Google and Bing.

In our update last month we introduced the Global Footer Design, this feature enabled our vendors to create global footer design for their ecommerce store. We decided to extend this functionality and allow our vendors to enable or disable this footer design for each of their page designer. Vendors can find this new setting in the Website Design section of their dashboard.

If you’re interested in scaling up your online ecommerce store and generate recurring revenue sign up for our free 14 day trial:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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